Zoosk Survey Reveals Opinions of Singles on Taboo Conversation Topics and Splitting Checks

More than 4,500 US members of the Zoosk dating community gathered their thoughts in the latest Zoosk survey, revealing the “trends” of the US dating world during the summer of 2011.

Summer months will see an increase in dating, as 51 percent of the singles polled by Zoosk in the US said that they planned to boost up their dating during summer. They also said that outdoor dates are more fun than indoor ones, and they identified some of the worst first-date conversation topics, among other things.

Co-CEO and co-founder of Zoosk, Alex Mehr, said that the survey aims to help singles with their selection of dating options.

The Zoosk survey revealed that the worst conversation topic on a first date was talking about the ex. Particularly men are appalled by the idea of having to hear about the exes of their dates, with 71 percent saying that this topic would be a buzz-killer. In a proportion of 67 percent, women agree that this is the worst topic. Although not as bad as talking about the ex, personal health issues are also frowned upon, with 19 percent of the survey participants saying that they don’t want to hear about medical issues of their date. Other bad topics are politics and religion, pointed out by 9 percent and 6 percent of poll participants, respectively.

A thorny subject on a first date is paying the check. Men will find that women are quite open to splitting the check. When asked, only 18 percent of the men said that the check should be split compared to 35 percent of women. Furthermore, only 64 percent of women think that the guy should pay, while 81 percent of men thought it was their duty. There is also a small group of 1 percent on each side that thinks women should pay the check on the first date.

Another useful finding for the singles that plan on dating this summer is that men are quicker to judge how well a first date is going. Male participants said that they usually made up their mind within the first hour, some even after 15 minutes (29 percent). Women usually decide by the end of the date. However, even if the date is not going as expected, men are more likely to suck it up and see it through in the hope that it would get better (93 percent compared to 85 percent of women). The exceptions are New York men and Tampa women, who would use the excuse of not feeling well to cut short a bad date.