Staff features a team of talented reporters and writers with a variety of backgrounds. Most of them have worked for online and offline news companies and have extensive experience in researching news and delivering tightly written articles with the latest accurate information.

Our Staff

Charles W. Rolfe (Co-founder, CEO, Writer)

Charles has a business background and writes feature stories about new advances in Industry and Commerce.  He especially loves ‘Small Business’ and scours the world looking for interesting and unusual ideas.

Aldiyar Kuandykov (Co-founder, Editor in Chief, Writer)

Aldiyar is a powerful writer and editor with a vast experience in World Politics, Finance, and Business.  He works closely with the team and also writes a good share of the news in his subject interests.

Laurentiu Stan (Partner, Editor, Chief Writer)

Laurentiu is a fun loving and sports minded writer which makes him perfect for his work in Sports, Travel, and Entertainment.  Look for exciting news with a modern and natural twist….always interesting and certainly, fact filled.

Annemarie Hvidberg (Head Writer and Editor)

Anne is a seasoned writer with a vast experience and searches out and writes about exciting events in almost any field.  She covers world news with an interest in Business and Finance.

Andreea Mirea (writer)

Andrea Mirea is an educated nutritionist with special interests in health and wellness. she writes about most medical and health topics and is especially passionate about natural health, organic foods and prevention issues.

Ken Goodson (writer)

Ken writes on business and industry and is very interested in subjects related to manufacturing and production of goods.  He loves construction and reports on new ideas, events, and products in that field.

Scott Romwell (writer)

Scott is the computer geek in our family of writers and scours the world for anything new that’s related to computers or the internet.  He is a fun writer, witty, and full of good, solid information on things related to the online world.

Ross Stallast (writer)

Ross is the science writer and spends his time pursuing interests in all fields of science. He reports on very interesting creations or changes that benefit the world in a big way and is especially interested in the ‘Green Movement’ and stopping pollution.

Sam Fluet (writer)

Sam is an artist.  He sometimes works as a professional photographer and writes about his experiences and travels.  As a professional musician he writes in performing arts and covers the Arts and Entertainment news and some technical areas involving musical instruments and photography. His new interest is video.

Angelina Balleri (contributing writer)

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