Billie Jean King Returns After Knee Replacement

Billie Jean King, an icon in American sports, had a successful knee replacement surgery, and she is the first person to take the Verilast 30-year performance knees for a spin.

The Verilast technology is developed by the medical technology company Smith & Nephew. Billie Jean King had both her knees replaced with the implants a year ago. The implants are supposed to give the patient active mobility for three decades in normal conditions, according to the trial tests.

The athlete had knee health issues for almost 40 years, and they eventually made her stop performing. Following the surgery and recovery, Billie Jean is back on the tennis courts.

In US alone, orthopedists perform more than 580,000 surgeries for knee replacements annually.

The Verilast knees are made of a hypoallergenic oxidized zirconium alloy combined with a special plastic compound. Aside their durability and high tolerability, they are light weight.

The sports icon and philanthropist said that her knee pain was gone and that she is certain her new knees will be able to handle the level of activity she performs.

Billie Jean King received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009 from President Barack Obama’s hands, becoming the first female sports icon to receive what is the highest civilian honor in US.

The athlete won 39 titles in the Grand Slam. The athlete founded the Women’s Sports Foundation, Women’s Tennis Association, and Women’s Sports Magazine. She is a co-founder of the environmental program GreenSlam and the World TeamTennis.

Smith & Nephew Orthopedics has its products on the markets in 90 countries through their distribution channels and partner companies. The company posted sales in the area of 4 billion dollars for 2010.